Vodpod videos no longer available.

Check out this COOL and easy to use Web 2.0 tool:  VoiceThread!  Voice thread allows you to record a single or multiple voices and images to create a multimedia show that is personalized and applicable for educational projects as well as personal multimedia endeavors.  Your VoiceThread presentations can be made public to anyone or you can make them accessible to selected individuals.  You can even set up an account for individual classes that will allow multiple classmates access to the account for group projects!  As you can see, you can also embed your VoiceThread presentations in your blogs.    To learn more about the exciting features of VoiceThread, check out their FAQ page! 

Better yet, visit this actual VoiceThread presentation that SHOWS you what VoiceThread can do!

Check out these great sample VoiceThreads created by teachers and students….the possibilities are endless for integrating this into your classroom!  Goodbye, PowerPoint!

If you want to use this as an instructional tool or as an learning artifact for your students, please see me or Mrs. Fleet—we will be glad to help you get started!

Buffy Hamilton

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