The Unquiet Librarian via kwout

Unless something burps over at Edublogs, I am now moving my personal librarian blog over to Edublogs.  You can now keep up with me at: .  My new RSS feed is . 

Why the move?  As great as WordPress is, there are some things I like better at Edublogs for my personal blog:

1.  A better variety of themes
2.  It is easier to embed HTML widgets in the sidebars
3.  You can turn on a “bookmark this article” feature for every blog post with a simple “click.” 

While I realize you can do these things with the version of WordPress, I just don’t have time to go through a learning curve of CSS right now.  So for now, “The Unquiet Librarian” will be living at Edublogs.

My library blog, , will stay put since WordPress is the sanctioned blog host for my district. 

Thanks for your patience, and drop me a line at if you have trouble finding me at my new home.  🙂

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