Next week I will be teaching Day 3 of a four day class called “Introduction to Information Literacy” for our school district. This course, part of the Cherokee County School District Teach 21/Media 21 class offerings, examines copyright issues, web evaluation and searching strategies, and the evolving definition of “authoritative sources”. Each class session meets for 2.5 hours once a week, and the class is usually a cross section of media specialists and teachers of all grade levels and subject areas.

My night deals with examining the organic concept of authoritative information sources. Below is my SlideShare presentation that facilitates group discussion and hands-on learning activities for the participants. The link to my course materials is only available within the district network, but I am providing you a screenshot of the class page. In addition, you can see my favorite web resources I have bookmarked for this course at . This course is always challenging to me to teach, so please send some good vibes my way as I always want the participants to leave empowered and enlightened!


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