Many of you are familiar with the wonderful visualization tool, Wordle.   I just used Wordle this week to help my students review EOCT terms and to show the significant names, concepts, and events from their multigenre Gilded Age research project–some of our Wordles are now embedded as widgets at http://project810.word.press.com (best viewed in Firefox).

Twitter friend Angela Maiers shared the link to this terrific overview of Wordle on SlideShare:

Here are some  great blog posts to help you think more about the educational applications of Wordle:

You may want to join the Diigo Wordle Group to get additional ideas from fellow educators for applications in the classroom of this cool Web 2.0 tool.  Also, be sure to check out the official  Wordle blog!

2 thoughts on “Resources for Using Wordle

  1. Hi,
    I love wordle, too, although I’m more into its ability to make a wordcloud from feeds. I think it has a few shortcomings, though; in particular, I wish it showed me how stuff changed over time, and how I which I could actually click through to the posts of words that interest me. I actually just finished a little open-source tagcloud project to remedy these projects; I call it FeedVis. You’re welcome to try it out or download the code.


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