I have updated The Unquiet Library’s Pageflakes Pagecast to include the official Inauguration 2009 Committee’s YouTube channel, Flickr photos, and Twitter tweets as well as an embedded link to the live streaming of the inauguration ceremonies via UStream!  Be sure to surf over to the pagecast for the latest and best news on Inauguration 2009!

5 thoughts on “Updates to My Inauguration 2009 Pageflakes Pagecast!

  1. Wow- this is AWESOME!! You’ve inspired me to go play around on pageflakes too! What a great resource this will be on Tuesday!! 🙂


  2. This seems to be really interesting. I’ve looked at Joyce Valenza’s as well. How are you using these pages with your students? Are they basically for their information (ease of access?) or are the kids performing research based on what you’ve pulled together? Does Cherokee allow access to lots of Web 2.0 apps? (I used to work in Cobb and really miss it).


  3. Hi Debbie! Some of the pages, like this one, I have created and shared with faculty and students via email, the blog, and our wiki. However, there are other pagecasts I have specifically designed for specific research assignments and research pathfinders for teachers/classes ( —Biology “current news”, Diseases, and Environmental Science news (you should be able to see them from the same link to this pagecast…just look on the tabs to the left). YouTube is the only app that is blocked, but I still include it since I am hoping the kids will view it from home, too. Our district has been very generous in allowing access to Web 2.0 tools!

    Wow—you are in Ohio now? Where were you in Cobb before you moved to Ohio?


  4. I was the LMS at McCleskey Middle for 3 years before my husband took a job up here. Subbed up here for a year as I had to take another Praxis (ugh!) and then landed this high school position. It is tremendous.


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