A few weeks ago, I thought about how to incorporate more play into library learning experiences (inspired by the fabulous Helene Blowers!).  Take a look at this fab post from Carolyn Foote at her The Not So Distant Future blog with resources for exploring play and a list of inspiring  ideas for incorporating play into research!

5 thoughts on “Resources for Play and Learning@Your Library

  1. Great name for a blog! I just got a macbook and my parents got an iMac, so we set up iChat and did a video chat over the weekend. They loved seeing their granddaughter that way. Later, I was chatting with my dad and said, “Hey, Dad. We’re in the not-too-distant-future!” He laughed and said he felt like George Jetson.



  2. Isn’t it? Congrats on your new macbook! I love how technology has the power to connect us—I am sure your parents really enjoyed chatting via video with you and your daughter!

    Hee hee—that is funny about your dad feeling like George Jetson! I guess it is true what they say—the future is now, and what isn’t now really is just on the horizon, eh?


  3. You have a great and very useful blog Buffy. I follow you on twitter and I just added The Unquiet Librarian to my blogroll. I loved the Helene Blowers slideshare presentation you posted on Jan 10th, I plan to post it on our 23 Things blog.

    The library has just rolled out a 9 week 23 Things Web 2.0 Learning program at our school. It’s a variation of Helene Blowers original program, that was then revised for school libraries by the California School Library Assoc. SLJ had an article by Helene in October, and Jackie Siminitus of CSLA did a program at Internet@Schools in Monterey about re-branding the CSLA 23 Things. I felt that we really needed to get our entire faculty and staff more comfortable online so my fabulous staff and I decided to go for it.

    We have 72 faculty, staff, and administrators signed up. It helps that we are a laptop school, but I’m really proud of the response we got to this voluntary program. Our big incentive is that teachers get to wear jeans every Friday with a 23 Things for 21st Learners T shirt we designed for the participants.

    Three days into the 9 weeks and amazing things are already happening. I think the “bubbles” presentation will be perfect for answering, “why are we doing this, it’s too much fun” mindset. So thank you. If you’d like to see our site and the first staff blogs it’s here, http://tinyurl.com/cy7cy3.


  4. Hi Susan! First, thank you for your kind words! I follow you on Twitter, too! 🙂 Your blog is fabulous!!!!

    I love the 23 Things idea! I had actually planned to a modified version this time last year, but there was no faculty interest at the time. I was thinking of maybe offering it in the summer for my teachers? Everyone says they are too busy with all they are being asked to do and that they don’t have time to digest new info during the school year. So maybe a mini summertime version might work? I plan to come in once a week on my own time and have “office hours” in case anyone wants “one on one” help. What do you think?

    I am so impressed that so many teachers (and administrators) have already signed up and are participating! I am going to follow what you are doing closely, and I know I will get great ideas for adapting the model for my faculty. I also love the t-shirt idea (and maybe we’ll have a celebration day with bubble blowing at the end!)! 🙂

    Kudos to you for taking the lead on this, and kudos to your teachers and admin for being so positive and willing to learn! I am looking forward to following along via your blog and staying updated! 🙂

    Again, thank you for your kind words, and I am glad we can collaborate and be part of each other’s personal learning networks!


  5. Thanks Buffy for your kind words ! I think things worked for us because we are are in the 3rd year of our laptop program, and teachers see others using web resources. They realize that the computers are not going away. We have a faculty that skews older, so much of what we are asking is a real challenge. We also have very solid administrative support, (all of our administrators signed up).

    We have a lot of publicity and support material we created for 23 Things that will be happy to share with you. I think timing is everything and it may pay to wait until you perceive, a balance between, “we have no time” and “we need to know this weird 2.0 stuff.”


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