As many of you know, the last six months have been one of webpage upheaval for me and our library.  After a 10 year love (sometimes hate) relationship with FrontPage, I found myself missing the web authoring software after our district made the decision to transition to SharePoint.  FrontPage is going away, so it is logical that we needed to move to something that would receive technical support.

While SharePoint has some great features, the templates created for the media centers are extremely restrictive and just do not meet the needs of the webpages and research pathfinders I need to design for our students and teachers.   in the spring, I tinkered with PBWiki—while I do like PBWiki (the web 2.0 version), I was not able to embed code for everything I wanted to embed.  I then looked at LibGuides over the summer, but it didn’t seem to meet my needs at the time given the pricepoint, which while reasonable, was not in my budget at that time.  In addition, there was a lag in some of the communication (partially due to the fact that some of my email went to spam because of email server filters).

Ruth and I tinkered with Google’s web pages in August, but we found they did not embed code for widgets very well, so we jumped ship to Wikispaces.  While I am not 100% thrilled with Wikispaces, it gets the job done, and it is very easy to embed code and widgets most days.

However, while reading the InfoEagles Library blog from Twitter friend Elisabeth Abarbanel (, I am seriously giving LibGuides a second chance!  The interface still has a clean look to it, but it appears more features are now available, including a “Share This” application and a printer friendly icon.  I like how Elisabeth has incorporated resources as well as tabs for different resources students can use as part of the research project and research pathfinder design.  The layout is clean and organized, and it seems like it is easy for students to see the information in each “box”.

I also like the widgets and Facebook app available, too!  I don’t recall these features from my summer 2008 trial, but I may have simply overlooked them.  The widgets and Facebook app would make it easy to publish and promote our pathfinders from our SharePoint “home” portal as well as our blog.

Springshare: LibGuides Widgets and Facebook Apps. via kwout

I am in the process of establishing a new trial so I can give LibGuides a second trial run….with the new features and improved interface, this might be the solution I’ve been seeking!  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Revisiting LibGuides

  1. Hi Buffy,

    Slaven Zivkovic, from Springshare, here. I wanted to thank you for looking into LibGuides again, and I hope you will find it a great solution for your library. We have added over 50 new features in the last 8 months so you will find a lot to like in the new version.

    Also, regarding the lack of response from our side, I do want to apologize for the slip-up which wasn’t due to our negligence but because the last email you sent was marked as “spam”. To remind you, you sent the original email to us on Saturday July 5th, and we responded on Monday morning of the 7th. We exchanged two more emails with you on the 7th, and then your last email ended up in the spam folder of our email server. We discovered the error and responded to you (with apologies included 🙂 on the 24th.

    I am sorry again and rest assured that we are available to help via email, or phone, at any time. Thanks for considering and let us know if you have any questions.

    -Slaven Zivkovic
    CEO, Springshare
    Web 2.0 for library 2.0


  2. Hi Slaven!

    I was remiss in not including the spam issues—I had forgotten, and I apologize! I have amended my blog post to include that vital information.

    My trial is up and going, and I think we are going to be coming on board with you! I have already talked to my sales rep via email this morning, and she has been 150% helpful and accommodating!

    Thank you for correcting my sad memory, and I look forward to tapping into the power of LibGuides to improve our library services at my school!

    Best regards,
    Buffy Hamilton 🙂


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