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Last night, I received this email:

Hi Buffy!  I’m not sure if you’ll remember me!  I attended your poetry session at the UGA Children’s Literature Conference.  I teach at Hickory Flat and am working on my Ed.S. in school library media.  I wanted to thank you for the great ideas I learned from you in your presentation at the Children’s Literature Conference.  Because of your session, I decided to have my 4th grade class celebrated PIYP Day!

First, my kids read lots and lots of poems and picked one that made an impact on them.  They typed their poems and added clip art, borders, etc.  They each made a poster with a file folder pocket.  We put copies of their poems in the posters around the school for other kids to take.  I made a sticker for each child that said, “I have a poem in my pocket!”  Our staff knew about our project, so they asked my kids to pull out their poems and read them when they saw the stickers.  Some teachers asked for a few readers to come to their classes to read.

It was a great day!  My kids were so proud of their pocket poems.  And think of all the standards we covered – we read for comprehension, practiced computer skills, learned to read more fluently, etc.!

Thanks so much for the inspiration!  🙂

Jennifer Lewis

4th grade

Hickory Flat Elementary School

This email absolutely made my day—to know that I had a small role in helping spread the love of poetry to other classrooms—I feel humbled and so fortunate that I have had the opportunity to share my ideas with others at professional conferences during 2008-09.   To hear the enthusiasm and the collaboration that went on at this school—it truly fills my heart with joy.  I think Jennifer’s email reflects why we as librarians need to be presenting and sharing our ideas at a wide array of conferences—what a wonderful medium to encourage collaboration!

I’d also like to give a shout out to fellow friends and librarians and their Poem in Your Pocket celebrations!

Kudos to the administrators, teachers, students, and parents who supported the efforts of these librarians!

I will be posting this weekend about my own Poem in Your Pocket Day celebrations, so stay tuned for all the news about original student poetry, the poetry clothesline, and the poetry podcasts!

3 thoughts on “Poetry 2.0 Ripple Effects

  1. Your session really inspired me as well at the Children’s Literature Conference. Watching how much you present has shown me the importance of sharing our work with one another. I hope that I can begin to share what I do at conferences in the near future. Thank you for all you do.


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