In my original Media 21 project proposal, I envisioned using Skype further into the project; for example, I thought we might have an outside expert on one of our topics related to Africa as a guest in which the whole class could ask questions and listen in to the session in the library.

After reading this post from Karl Fisch, though, I’m thinking about incorporating Skype into the research process for our August activities in which students are going to research digital footprints and social media—the ultimate culminating assignment is to compose a persuasive text (to meet the district/school standards) and argue why social media/networking tools should or should not be allowed through the filter in schools.  Now I am thinking how cool would it be if students could interview some experts on filtering and the use of social media as an educational tool as part of their research.  What experts would you suggest we put on our menu of possible interview candidates?  I have a few in mind, but I’m interested in your ideas!

Thanks to Karl Fisch for sharing his blog post as well as the links to the story about the use of Skype by students at School Library Journal and on the Skype blog.  You might also want to catch the actual video of the students interviewing Cory Doctorow at Ustream TV.

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