While the mainstream media has been slow to pick up on the coverage of the historic Iran riots in reaction to the latest election results, social networks are brimming with the latest news.  Check out my new Netvibes research pathfinder portal to get the latest scoop on the Iran riots, including You Tube videos, Flickr photos, Tweets, delicious bookmarks, and Google News.

I have been using Pageflakes for these kinds of pathfinders, but since I am moving to Netvibes for my Media 21 project, I thought it was time to create a pathfinder for The Unquiet Library using Netvibes.   Thanks to Mashable and the ReadWriteWeb for their information and for alerting us about this developing situation.   Let me know what you think!

7 thoughts on “My First Netvibes Research Pathfinder: Iran Election and Riots 2009

  1. That is so awesome. I hope the teachers at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology (http://www.gsmst.info/index.php) see this kind of thing and realize what they’re missing if they don’t build a media center in their new school. This is just the kind of this the media specialist could do for them there. Thanks!


  2. Jim:

    Hi! Thank you so much—this means much to me coming from you!!! I sure hope the GSMST will rethink their decision to not have a media center at this time—as you said, there is so much we can do to support and enhance what is happening in the classroom!

    Again, many thanks—always great to hear from you!


  3. I like this. It looks a lot like my iGoogle page, but it can be shared. I like that you can save specific tags on Twitter. How often will it update? Also, how many of these pages can you create at the same time?


  4. Hi Edi!

    Yes, it is very similar to iGoogle, but as you pointed, Netvibes pages an be public. The RSS feeds update themselves pretty regularly; I can go in and edit the modules as needed, so I like that flexibility!

    I think the number of pages is unlimited, but I can check with Netvibes to find out!

    Thank you for reading my blog!!!



  5. This is great. Thank you for sharing. I recently set up a netvibes page for my personal use with feeds on all of the latest news in the world of education and technology. After seeing what you have done with your page I will definitely begin work on public pages of important topics that I can share with my class. Thanks again.


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