If you think you can’t use Web 2.0 to create an elementary library social media presence, think again!  My friends Christina Bentheim and Andy Plemmons have been on fire this summer adding multiple social media tools to help communicate with their faculty, students, and parents.

Andy’s Facebook Fan Page for the David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center:


David C. Barrow Elementary Media Center | Facebook via kwout

Be sure to check out Andy’s exceptional blog for his elementary media center as well as his library delicious account!

Christina is excited to be starting her library career as school library media specialist at Dickens Elementary in North Las Vegas, NV.  Check out her new Netvibes page for her library!


She also has a Facebook fan page for her elementary media center:

She also has created:

I hope these examples will provide some inspiration and ideas for my elementary library friends!  Don’t forget to check out the resource page I created for GLMA this summer on ways libraries of all grade levels are using Web 2.0 as part of their library programs.

8 thoughts on “Elementary Library 2.0 Inspiration

  1. Thank you for sharing these examples of web 2.0 in use on the school library level. I will be going over the resources you have provided and am inspired to put some of these ideas in place for my school community.


  2. Wow. These are wonderful. I’m surprised they aren’t blocked. All but Edublogs are blocked in mine. Even if I created these wonderful accounts, students, parents, and faculty could one access them from outside the school. 😦

    Something to aspire and advocate for – thanks for the great examples to use to push for their inclusion into our schools and classrooms.



  3. This is cool!

    While I’m not a parent, I can imagine that anything that would consolidate school information for a parent online would be a great time saver. And these Web 2.0 technologies seem to do it.



  4. Hello everyone!

    Ann—the best part about these tools/resources is that they are free! Please feel free to email me at buffy.hamilton@ gmail.com if you need any technical help.

    Heather–I know FB is blocked in most places, but as you said, they can still access after school hours to keep up. I hope we are seeing the groundswell of a movement for school districts to really rethink filters and acceptable use policies.

    Andy: You are right—anything to consolidate and get the info out is a win-win!

    Thanks to each of you for your comments and for reading my blog. 🙂



  5. These are some great examples and ideas that I’m thinking about weaving into our Resource Centre blog on our school website! Thanks for the ideas!

    I’ve also started following you on Facebook – I’d love it if you would follow me as well as I’m interested in having dialogue with other teacher librarians!

    Sue aka firecrackersuzi


  6. This is a wonderful site for librarians who are just learning to incorporate these technologies in their library program. The ideas are so helpful!! Keep them coming!


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