I have been super busy today, literally working on a variety of projects since about 7:00 AM today.  Here is what I accomplished today for my Media 21 project:

  • The creation of our class blog.
  • The creation of a central LibGuides landing page
  • Our Netvibes course portal
  • A class Twitter account
  • A class Diigo group
  • SlideShare groups for each class period
  • Additional wiki pages
  • Lesson planning for next week (still in progress)
  • The creation of some new shared Google documents I’ll be using with students this week to collect information/create group thinking.  I will be turning two of these docs into a Wordle to represent our beginning knowledge about social media and social networking.
  • I’ve also been reading student comments/writing on our wiki discussion thread as they’ve been coming in over the weekend.   The dialogue has seemed open-minded, positive, and reflective—I’m looking forward to our class conversations tomorrow.

Other Tasks/Learning/Thinking Activities for Me:

I am looking forward to a week rich in learning with the students.  Stay tuned for an update next weekend!

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