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This is a very ROUGH cut, but this is the first “draft” of my monthly report for August 2009.  I don’t have quite all the data I’d like, but overall, I am pleased with this first draft.  In thinking about Pivots for Change, I want to go beyond the traditional PDF/Word monthly report I normally create, and while this is not the final draft I envision, I think it is a good starting point.

Next month I will include more “hard data” as well as some interview and assessment clips with students as well as teachers.  I may need to move to One True Media to piece together these additional multimedia elements; in addition, you can directly upload to YouTube with OneTrueMedia.  Stay tuned for the September report in a few weeks to see the multimedia monthly report kicked up to the next level!

6 thoughts on “The Monthly Report Goes Multimedia: Animoto.com

  1. I learned about Animto at the end of last school year and now we are thinking of using it with 5th grade. What a good idea for a monthly review. This serves as a great marketing tool to keep the media program in the forefront of the school communities minds. Thanks for mentioning One True Media. This is a source I have not yet heard of and I will look into it as well. Are you familiar with an online digital story services that allow for more audio editing, similar to Audacity or Garage Band?



  2. This is fantastic, Buffy! Now I want to make something on Animoto to show our library development from “before” to almost “after”. Yes, still waiting for the finishing touches to be ordered & installed! You are brilliant as always!


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