On Thursday I finally launched my project of using my Flip video camera to be a significant tool in my advocacy and assessment toolboxes.  I would like to upgrade the new second generation Flip Mino HD camera, but for now, my first generation model is an easy to use and effective means for capturing student data for advocacy and assessment purposes.

How can you use the Flip video to advocate and assess in your library?  Here are just a few of the planned uses I have on my agenda:

  • gathering verbal feedback on library services and program design elements that students like or dislike
  • collecting suggestions for improving library services and programs
  • capturing student thinking and reflection
  • documenting students’ thinking processes as they work on collaborative projects in the library
  • celebrations of learning activities in the library
  • celebrations of library events

I invite you to check out my fledgling YouTube Channel for The Unquiet Library that I plan to “grow” in the next few months!  If you have ideas or suggestions for using video as a tool for advocacy and/or assessment, please share your ideas here on the blog!


YouTube – theunquietlibrary’s Channel via kwout

Here are a few of the videos I captured today:

4 thoughts on “Advocacy and Assessment via Flip Video

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