As Joyce and I (and the rest of the geek squad) get ready for our last day of AASL sessions, we want to begin a very open conversation about what we loved and didn’t so much love about our experience in Charlotte.

Let’s expand the way our conference is evaluated!

For those of you who are here, and those of you who are not, please share your thoughts:

  • What worked at Conference?
  • What are your takeaways?
  • What needs to happen in Minneapolis 2011?
  • What didn’t work?

Please respond in your comments and your own blog posts (aasl2009) or Tweet it out with the hashtag #aasl2009.

Some of the geek squad links you may find useful in thinking about Conference:

Look for additional posts in the week(s) to come as I have time to digest the conference and reflect on these questions.

3 thoughts on “Charlotte Re-examined Openly

  1. I am in awe @ how much my librarian colleagues have shared at this conference through twitter, b-there, bloggers cafe, and informal conversations. I believe that these components developed a much richer conference than attending sessions alone and trying to collect handouts to somehow file away somewhere that I would probably never find and wondering what I was missing in other sessions. I felt connected to the whole conference @ all times.

    With that said, there were times when I was in sessions where I wished there was more open dialogue within the actual session and ways to capture that dialogue. Kudos to the marketing the media center session where I was able to actively update the wiki with what people were sharing and continue to have access to it after the session. Kudos to you session, Buffy, where you allowed participants to participate in multiple formats.

    I think we need to rethink some of the larger sessions like One Book, One Conference. I was disappointed by how loose the discussion was and didn’t really reference the text. I would love a protocol-driven discussion where everyone in the room came prepared and knew what to expect ahead of time out of the discussion so that the text could be referenced during discussion. I really like the idea of a wiki to capture what was being said in a session, and maybe this would have helped the One Book discussion, too. Who knows what new cutting-edge thing we’ll have in 2 years though.

    I just encourage a continued discussion about how we can break out of the traditional conference feel. I’ve never been to a conference where there was this much participation. Wow!


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