Classroom 2.0 LIVE! via kwout

On Saturday, November 14 at noon EST, I will be the guest for the week on Classroom 2.0 Live!  I will be sharing ideas and strategies for “Creating Widgets for Instructional Purposes”, and you can access the webinar for free by clicking on this link. I’ll be discussing the concept of widget, how to find widgets, how to create widgets, and how to go about embedding them in your research pathfinders; we will also explore educational applications of widgets.  I am excited and looking forward to the show!

6 thoughts on “Classroom 2.0 Live: Creating Widgets for Instructional Purposes

  1. Buffy, this is very exciting news, congratulations!!! For those that can’t make the webinar do you have any resources that you’ll be posting, I’d love to see them.

    BTW, I might be presenting at the biggest tech conference in WI which is very exciting for me, this will be my first time doing that other then in a district. 😎


    1. Dave, thank you! I will be posting a wiki page I’m creating in a day or two with resources for the skills we’ll cover in the show; I will also embed a YouTube “how to” video!

      WOW! You will awe them with your knowledge! When will this be?



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