I am honored today to be presenting virtually via Skype at 4:30 PM to my friend and colleague Amy Kearns and the wonderful librarians of the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative.   We’ll be talking about tips for “fighting the filter” and gaining access to social media for instructional use, information delivery, and content creation.  Please feel free to visit the resource page I’ve created to supplement and support the ideas of the presentation.

If you would like to share your ideas, stories, and strategies for “fighting the filter”, please join us in the conversation and post your thoughts on the blog.


4 thoughts on “Fighting the Filter

  1. Doug:

    Wow—thank you for the great words of encouragement! I appreciate that link and added it to the bibliography in delicious—I think I have at least five articles or posts by you in my resource list as you have influenced my thinking greatly on this topic.

    From what I can gather this evening, I think the presentation went well—I’m just happy to connect with other librarians and to share ideas!

    Thank you for taking time to read my blog and for your help.



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