This interview is with one of my students from the Media 21 cohort.  You can read more about my Media 21 initiative here and the blog posts that have chronicled the implementation of this program here, but in short, I have functioned as a co-teacher daily for two sections of 10th Literature/Composition for an entire semester.   For me, this project represents the pinnacle of the collaboration model—not only did I teach and help facilitate learning experiences, but along with Susan Lester, the content area teacher, I brainstormed, designed, and implemented the course design, learning resources, rubrics, and even assisted with assessment.   While I am struggling right now to figure out how to replicate this model in terms of time and human resources, student feedback like this indicates that this kind of in-depth collaboration is powerful.


4 thoughts on “Why Librarians Can’t Give Up Reason #1: Collaboration with Depth Matters

  1. “Powerful” is exactly the word to describe both the collaboration model and its effect on student learning. I hope you are able to continue this type of integrated librarianship across grade levels and subject areas.


  2. To play devil’s advocate: Collab this intensive with so few students for a whole semester sort of sounds like a fixed schedule at the high school level. There are so few specialists in high schools – how do you explain serving such a small number of kids? I guess that’s where you’re going next with the time/hr question……


  3. Hi! No, we are not on a fixed schedule. We schedule teachers as they request; it just so happens that this teacher and I planned out this in-depth collaborative project several months in advance. We chose to work with two sections of 10th grade English to pilot the new lessons and teaching strategies we integrated (I assume you are referring to the Media 21 project). We still serve five other sections of students (we have 1700 total), and there is a second certified librarian to help me serve the overall population.

    I hope this information clears up any misconceptions about the project or our program scheduling!

    Buffy Hamilton


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