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The Darien Library’s awesome new 21 Things for 21st Century Parents has me thinking about designing a 21 Things for 21st Century Teens that could be offered before or after school, one evening a week, and/or during summer hours.     Right now I am thinking about topics and tools related to digital footprints/digital citizenship, cloud computing, mobile computing, and tools for creating content.   What would you include in a program like this?


7 thoughts on “21 Things for 21st Century Teens: What Would You Include?

  1. Sounds like a great program, and a wonderful opportunity to engage teenagers in learning. I’d include topics like privacy and digital footprints, tools for editing and arranging photos, maybe a “bring your mobile phones & we can explore what they can do” session. Students need to know how to survive and thrive after they graduate, so perhaps touch on managing finances online and locating recipes!

    I’ll bet all of you have a great time with this. Please keep us posted.


    1. Diane, I love your idea about photo work (I am doing a one on one session with a student a week from today with a student on Flickr and photoblogging!) and the mobile phones! Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂


  2. I agree! This would be a wonderful program to offer teens and adults. I teach a class to our 7th graders called Technology and Information Literacy for 7 weeks. We learn about internet safety, copyright and fair use, tons of Web 2.0 tools, using Diigo as their social bookmarking tool, creating and sharing on their own YouTube channel (they all create a iMovie about “What Technology Means to Me”), using social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Diigo, etc…), and any topic that they as a class would like to dive into. In the beginning of class, they each create a blog to work as a digital portfolio throughout the class. It works out great because not only do they learn how to create and maintain a blog, it is also a great way to share their work.

    Second semester my principal and I are going to teach a class called “Building Your PLN.” I am so excited! I will have to let you know how it goes. And then next school year, we are going to teach the 7th graders in a seminar format (all of them at the same time) in the activity center. Then they can all learn together and start using these tools and skills right away in the classroom and life!

    Good luck developing your class and please share when you get it laid out.

    Thanks for the information, Shannon Miller


    1. Shannon, that is wonderful! I have been integrating Diigo, Google Sites, blogging, and other tools into content area courses, but I think it would be very cool to have a mini-course like yours! I love the idea of the seminars…

      Keep me posted on how your PLN course goes–that is just fabulous! 🙂



  3. What a great program to offer teens. I would definitely include cloud computing and the suite of google tools. Also, Mark Ribble’s Digital Citizenship should be the theme for classes. I’m looking forward to reading more about your classes.
    Good Luck!


  4. Thanks so much for cluing me in to this great opportunity! As a classroom teacher who has been out of mainstream education for a few years, I am finding it a little intimidating to think about getting back into the classroom (or hopefully a library/media center), especially when I read about all the new technology out there. I just signed up for this program to get some more knowledge of what I will need to know both as a parent and teacher in the age of Web 2.0. I can’t wait to get some hands-on experience!


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