Ms. Lester, I, and one of our students, Nolan, were thrilled that a real world expert took time to respond to one of Nolan’s blog posts.  Nolan, who is researching the latest advances in military prosthetics, received a gracious and helpful comment with suggested research information sources to one of his posts from Troy A. Turner, Research Portfolio Manager for Advanced Prosthetics & Human Performance with the U. S.Army Medical Research & Material Command Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center in Maryland.    Nolan, I, and Ms. Lester are hoping to arrange either a class Skype interview with Mr. Turner or an e-interview in April.   These kinds of meaningful and authentic connections are exactly what Ms. Lester and I envisioned a year ago when we first began thinking about our collaborative learning project and plan for our students.

Here are Nolan’s thoughts on receiving feedback and information from a real-world expert via his blog:


2 thoughts on “The Power of Social Media: An Expert Responds to a Student Blog

  1. Hey, I just wanted to give kudos to my brother Troy. As a teacher myself I understand the desire to connect to real-world experts to bring more interest into the classroom. Troy is committed to improving education and I look forward to hearing what he has to say in the skype or e-interview. It pleases me to no end that he took the time to respond Nolan’s post.

    Yeah, I’m a proud brother. I never miss the opportunity to brag about what my brother has the privilege of doing (particularly as a disabled vet myself).


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