I am thrilled to share some exciting news:  today Gale, part of Cengage Learning, officially released the new Gale AccessMyLibrary School Edition iPhone app! And yes, that is me providing the narration for the YouTube video!

Read more about the awesome new app and then go get it!


9 thoughts on “It’s Here: The New Gale AccessMyLibrary School Edition iPhone App!

  1. This seems like a wonderful app, just a note that not all schools are up and running just yet. I had a very pleasant conversation with someone in Michigan today and they said they were working on it for our school board. Apparently if you aren’t on there a friendly call will put you on a waiting list that should be no longer than a week.


    1. Greg, I found that to be true, too. So far, everyone I’ve talked to has gotten their school added pretty quickly. Thank you for alerting readers that they may need to take this step to get their school on the list.

      Thank you for taking time to share and for reading my blog post!


  2. Greg, I called yesterday and got my school added while on the phone with them. You may want to try a different tech.

    I must say, I have had it crash to desktop every time I have tried it in the past two days. A little disappointing, but so useful for the long term


  3. Your video is just perfect – thanks for sharing it with everyone. I signed up my school yesterday afternoon – it took just a matter of minutes for them to set up and activate our account. I downloaded the app, found my school, entered our password, and away I went. It is truly that easy to do.

    I really like that they linked my email and my school’s wiki page to the app -it will make it easier for my students to send me messages and for them to access all of my resources on the wiki.


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