In the spirit of my monthly reports, I give you The Unquiet Library Annual Report in multimedia format.  This report includes:

  • An embedded copy of the text annual report (which is also downloadable as a PDF from SlideShare)
  • A video version of the year in review
  • Links to each monthly report which feature links to each month’s pathfinders, photoshows, video interview with teachers and students, blog entries for the month, the text report, and more.
  • Widgets and link to our social media streams

You can view the video in a larger view by clicking on this link.

If you have created an interesting or unusual annual report, please post the link to it  here in the comment section so that we can share ideas for more effective report formats and elements.


12 thoughts on “The Unquiet Library Multimedia Annual Report 2009-10

  1. AWESOME!!!!! I have never done an annual report, but after seeing yours from last year I was inspired to do so this year. I have gathered all the stats and am going to work on it this week. I REALLY want to use Animoto like you do\Id, but it is blocked (big surprise, I know) in our county – need to find another alternative so that my administration can view it.
    You inspire me!!


    1. Kathy:

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate the positive feedback and would love to see your annual report! I think any way we can provide data in multiple formats can only help us share all the great things happening in our library programs. Kudos to you!



  2. Buffy-
    How did you complile your statistics on numbers of students? Did you count classes and multiply by one standard number? Also, I assume you didn’t count every student who walked in on their own–how did you come up with the number on your video? Thanks!


    1. Lisa:

      I compiled the number two ways—for classes, I used the average number of students per class. Secondly, students who are not visiting with a class between 8AM and 4:00PM do sign in (although we probably actually have more who come in than who sign, particularly before school), and we use the logs to calculate the numbers. I hope this helps! Let me know if you need more info. 🙂



  3. You are so amazingly generous with the work you do! Thank for offering inspiration to even the mundane annual report! You are incredible!


  4. Dear Buffy,

    Incredible presentation, I must say!!
    Would appreciate of you mail me the pdf file of the Annual Report.

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Mrs. Chinmayee Bhange
    St. Francis Institute of Technology


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