I was honored to present a workshop on Mindomo this past weekend at the Georgia Library Media Association Summer Institute at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia.   In this fifty minute workshop, we explored examples of how people are using Mindomo and toured the primary features you can use to create rich mindmaps.  In addition, we brainstormed possible applications of Mindomo as a group.  Highlights of our collective wisdom include:

  • Create a Mindomo map for your library website (push out to OPAC, specific resources, web pages)
  • Tutorial resources for an information source or learning tool
  • Research pathfinder/subject guide
  • Collaborative Storytelling
  • Project Planning
  • Students can use to show the journey of their research; visualization of their research story.
  • Identifying program goals and themes (taking your program development and evaluation plan to a visual/multimedia format)
  • A medium for showcasing certain resources in your collection (OPAC, databases)
  • Mapping professional learning goals

Sincere thanks to everyone involved for a fun day of learning and sharing!  If you are interested in mindmapping, I’d encourage you to check out Stephanie Zimmerman’s recent and fantastic post at ALA Learning.


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