Last Thursday, my fellow librarian, Roxanne Johnson, and I were honored  at the Georgia Board of Education meeting  as The Unquiet Library received recognition as one of two “exemplary” high school library programs for the state of Georgia.   What is the Georgia Department of Education Exemplary Media Program?

The Georgia Department of Education has designated the August 19, 2010 State Board of Education meeting to recognize three exemplary Library Media Programs.  In order to identify and highlight these programs, the Division of Academic Standards is solicited applications from schools.  Library Media Programs in three schools (elementary, middle and high) are selected for this recognition.  Library Media Specialists and GaDOE staff select the recipients based on the school’s written application, the principal’s narrative, a possible telephone interview, and a probable on-site visit.  This program is an opportunity to describe how the Library Media Program is meeting school improvement goals and improving student achievement.    The rubric for evaluating the program may be accessed by clicking here.

When I interviewed for the position of librarian at Creekview High with Dr. Bob Eddy on a cold December day nearly five years ago before we had even moved into our building, I articulated my vision of what an exemplary library program could be and the ways that kind of program could support the school’s mission of teaching and learning.    I am grateful for the opportunity and professional creative license Dr. Eddy has given me open and build the library program, a mission that is very much still in progress and a wonderful journey that has mirrored my growth and evolution as a school librarian.   There are far too many people to thank individually, but I am indebted to all the amazing people in my personal learning network, my family and friends, and my UGA network, especially Dr. Mary Ann Fitzgerald, my graduate school advisor and ongoing mentor who always encourages me in moments of doubt.

On behalf of the library program, I  would like to thank the Cherokee County School District, Principal Dr. Bob Eddy, Creekview High School faculty and staff, our PTA, our parents, and our students for your support of our program.  We look forward to our program growing and continuing our efforts to be an effective partner in teaching and learning as well as a space where your interests, passions, and talented are honored and valued!

Tammy Beasley, Buffy Hamilton, Roxanne Johnson, Dr. Bob Eddy

4 thoughts on “Celebrations, Round 1

  1. I am very excited for you!!! I am using your library as a guide for my school library in central Kansas It just makes my case for change stronger when you are recognized for being exemplary. Congratulations!!


  2. Well-deserved recognition (both rounds one AND two). You are a wonderful example of a practicing school librarian doing innovative work in a real school setting.

    Keep up the good work and don’t get a swelled head.



    1. Doug:

      If I am able to do anything, it is because of A. the work ethic my parents instilled in me and B. the pearls of wisdom I receive regularly from wise voices, particularly yours. Thank you for your leadership and support—I count you as someone who has been a major influence on my work.

      No worries on the swelled head—every day I am reminded how little I know and how much I have to learn, which I find exciting and invigorating!

      Thank you for the kudos, and I hope I will see you in October in Minnesota?!?!



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