It is with heartfelt humility and gratitude that I thank the Georgia Library Media Association for selecting me as District Library Media Specialist of the Year for the North Central Georgia District and a finalist for the Georgia Library Media Specialist of the Year, which will be announced at COMO 2010 ( Georgia Council of Media Organizations) in Athens, Georgia.

12 thoughts on “Celebrations, Round 2

  1. So well deserved Buffy. I truly hope you continue to be recognised for your contribution to our profession and win the Statewide title. Go out and celebrate!
    Jenny Luca : )


  2. Buffy, you represent and drive the future of our profession. Congratulations! Whatever the decision of your state organization, your *buffiness* continues to influence us nationally and globally. Continue to share and inspire us, my friend!


    1. Joyce:

      When I started library school in August 2001, you were the very model of school librarianship I aspired to exemplify. Your friendship and words of wisdom are truly cherished, and I am honored to contribute to our profession and the lives of my teachers and students. Thank you, my very dear friend!


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