I spent most of today helping AP Literature seniors get started on the “Senior Project” research projects.  Before we jumped into the research pathfinder, I kicked off class sharing the news about our new Kindles—what they are (I had one of our new Kindles in hand!), why students might want to check one out, and how we’ll circulate them as well as our Kindle ebook request form.

In one of our morning sessions, Mary, a senior, showed fellow students her own latest generation Kindle that she received as a gift this summer.  I was so impressed by how well she articulated how she is using her Kindle (as were her fellow students)  that I asked her to share those insights via video, and she graciously agreed to do so.  Take a listen to what Mary has to say about her Kindle–as we start to circulate Kindles on Friday (November 12), I am eager to hear our students’ thoughts and reflections on their experiences of using The Unquiet Library’s Kindles.

3 thoughts on “A Creekview HS Senior Tells Us What Is So Great About a Kindle

  1. Thanks Mary! I’ve just implemented some Kindles in my high school library. Feedback is mostly like yours- positive. Did you read for recreation much before your new Kindle?
    Good interview, thanks from Kelowna BC Canada.


  2. Hi Buffy,
    I always like to read your blog since you always give me something to think about! Right now, I am interested in reading about your use of Kindles. At our junior high school here in Spartanburg, SC, we are looking into purchasing ebook readers—and I am gathering as much information as I can. I was able to listen to the webinar the other night with Kathy Parker who, of course, concentrated on Kindle use. I have a Kindle myself and love it—but it would be remiss, I think, not to check out the Nook as well, especially since we can download public library books on that reader. You mentioned that you all would be getting Nooks as well. Which do you think will be a better—or it a matter of weighing the pros and cons of each? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks so much,


  3. Mary’s video was really great, she got across the positives about using Kindles/Nooks and makes me want to go out and buy one! Thanks Mary!


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