Although this fantastic slidedeck is not geared toward a librarian audience, I think Daniel Goh’s presentation is full of pearls of wisdom we can apply to our practice as I think it reflects many elements of participatory librarianship.  The following tenants of  “the next big thing is we, not me” below are all about creating shared ownership of conversations for learning:

  • More mashups
  • Collaborative creation (I especially love the implications of this idea!)
  • Power to the people (building community)
  • Connection curation (another favorite)
  • Increased activism (civic engagement)
  • Gamification

How will you create, facilitate, and support these kinds of conversations in your library?  How will your library program reflect these elements of conversations for community building ?

4 thoughts on “The Power of Participation: The Next Big Thing Is Not You

  1. Fantastic presentation and the issue of Me vs. We is certainly something that is becoming more interesting these days. I recently wrote a post about this relative to content curation:

    We Me We – Why the Curation vs Aggregation Discussion is Messy

    I’d be curious to get your thoughts on this.

    I’m also very curious how librarians look at curation outside of the library. It doesn’t seem to get nearly the attention that I would expect.


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