Our First Kindle eBook Gift from Kristin Fontichiaro and UM!

A huge word of thanks to Kristin Fontichiaro and the University of Michigan for their gift of Fallout by the one and only Ellen Hopkins!  We greatly appreciate their generosity in purchasing a book for our students to enjoy on our Kindles; you can see other items on our wish list by clicking here. You can read more about our Kindle wish list in this post here.

Kindle eBook Gift #2 from Bruce Guyer, Our New Librarian Intern

We also want to thank Bruce Guyer, our new library intern coming to join us from Georgia State University in January 2011, for the gift of the A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations: Two Novels (Oprah’s Book Club).  This book was requested by several of our ninth graders from Mrs. Frosts’ 9th Honors Literature/Composition classes.

A HUGE thank you to Kristin and UM as well as Bruce for your generous donations!

3 thoughts on “The Unquiet Library Receives Its Very First Kindle eBook Gifts!

  1. Can you share books or are they gifts that require a purchase? I just received a Kindle and I have already acquired North of Beautiful and I saw it on your wish list and wanted to know if I could share it with your students? Or does it have to be purchased?


    1. That is a great question–I read about 4-6 weeks ago Amazon is going to have a “sharing” feature in which you can “loan” a book one time, but for our wish list, they do require a purchase. I will follow up and see if the “loan” feature has been turned on yet with Amazon. Thank you for the great question!


  2. Buffy, now that the books can be shared (I saw it on R. Byrnes blog–Technology for Teachers), I have Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness and North of Beautiful and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet if any students want to read them. Have a Happy New Year, BJ Neary


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