Take a look at my interview with fellow teacher Jason Hubbard about our collaboration and his students’ learning experiences at The Unquiet Library.

2 thoughts on “Criminal Justice Teacher Jason Hubbard Reflects On Collaboration with The Unquiet Library

  1. Hi Buffy,

    I am a k-12-district teacher librarian, and I am looking for ways to collaborate with the teachers at my high school. I am curious as to what the project was that you worked on with Mr. Hubbard involving Wikispaces. Would you please share it with me? I got a good idea from an article written by Joyce Valenza for School Library Journal about a project involving Wikispaces wherein stsudents design a virtual-Peace-Corps experience. Also, if you don’t mind sharing this information, what is the cost of a subscription to LibGuides? (We have about 350 students in our junior high and high school, grades 7-12). Would LibGuides be useful at the junior-high level, too?


    1. Good morning!

      Could you describe the project more in depth? I’ve had the honor of working with Mr. Hubbard on several projects.

      We’re primarily using Wikispaces as a space for learning portfolios and for students to create a repository for learning artifacts for content they are creating; some classes are using it as a medium for digital composition. I have several examples I could share with you.

      If you contact Springshare, http://www.springshare.com/libguides/, they can give you a price quote and free trial. We’ve been using LibGuides for nearly three years now and love it. I think it is definitely appropriate for junior high learners.



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