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3 thoughts on “January 5 Kindle Program Update: Form Modifications, Cataloging, Tech Issues

  1. You’re absolutely right, grouping the Kindles in groups of six gets the most bang for your buck! We have Kindles 1-6 as a group and Kindles 7-12 as the second group. One purchase of a new title gets loaded on six Kindles…wow! What a great way to get the hot, new titles out to students.
    As far as the covers…we’re happy with ones we purchased, Belkin (through Amazon).


  2. We have Kindles and they are very popular with our students. I am wondering how you prevent students from changing the titles that you have preloaded on the units. I have actually told the studetns to remove the titles from the device when they turn them in so that the books are not tied up by someone who is not reading them at the moment. Since it is so easy to download from the archive, I am curious as to why you take the time to download to the units.


    1. Rachel, how many Kindles and how many Kindle eBooks are you managing? I’m just curious because I try to minimize the number of times I have to “touch” an ebook or device in terms of content management.

      I keep up with which books are installed and assigned to which Kindles on an ongoing basis because otherwise, with 10 Kindles and 120+ ebooks, it would become a real mess to remember and note what is installed on which Kindle. Even though it is fast to reinstall the book, that is one more thing I have to do on my already busy to do list, and then I have to stop and 1. know what books were removed by a student (they can read more than one, obviously) 2. double check my records. We’ve not run into issues with students reading the book at the same time as of right now.

      Per our AU policy that students and parents sign, changing, installing, or purchasing titles is prohibited—thankfully, our students have been respectful of this policy and have enjoyed having access to a broad range of ebooks. We also buy and download exactly what students ask to read so the need to purchase a title is removed.



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