I was extremely honored to present “Transliterate Libraries: Creating Conversations for Portable, Participatory, and Personalized Learning” yesterday at the 79th ABQLA Conference in Montreal (please see http://www.abqla.qc.ca/).  I am most grateful for this opportunity to share and learn with others as well as the incredible hospitality from everyone who participated in the conference—thank you for making me feel so welcome and for letting me learn from you.

Dr. Joanne de Groot, Leticia Cuenca, Buffy Hamilton

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dr. Michael Stephens’ morning keynote, Maria Savova’s presentation on McGill University’s ebook initiative, and Linda Hazzan’s inspiring session on Toronto Public Library’s Human Library  (also see this article), a program/initiative I hope to replicate. My only regret was that I had to miss seeing/hearing Amanda Etches-Johnson’s keynote so that I could catch my flight home!

If you’d like to learn more about the concepts in the slidedeck, please explore these resources:

Buffy Hamilton and Wendy Wayling

I want to give a special thanks to the conference committee as well as committee member Wendy Wayling of the Westmount Public Library for inviting me to the conference and for making me feel so welcome during my stay in Montreal; a heartfelt thank you also goes out to Babar Books, my session sponsor.  A heartfelt thank you also to Julie-Anne Cardella and her husband Pierre, Lora Baiocco, Leticia Cuenca, Lisa Milner, and Wendy Wayling for organizing our fun (and delicious!) dinner Wednesday evening—I am very happy to say I now the joys of fried goat cheese drizzled in honey and caramelized onions!

3 thoughts on “Transliterate Libraries: Creating Conversations for Portable, Participatory, and Personalized Learning

  1. This was awesome! I just spent a most enjoyable Saturday night viewing your slideshare, reading the post and browsing your resources and I am so excited about all of your wonderful ideas translated into participatory learning–I will be sharing these with our teachers! Thanks! I will be at ISTE and I hope to meet you!


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