I’m always amazed by how beautifully classes co-exist in our learning space when we max out with four classes.  I thought it would be fun this morning to capture a quick snapshot of what learning looks like at The Unquiet Library—moments like this are the happiest for me here in the library and validate the vision of a learning-centered library.

10 thoughts on “Scenes from the Unquiet Library: Four Classes Researching, Learning, and Collaborating

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’ve already written down some ideas from your space about furnishings, displays etc…But I did have one question about “food/drink” in the library–I saw in the video some students had water bottles or “to go” coffee cups. What rules do you have around food and drink in the library? And how does it work?
    Jen Cotton
    Colorado Academy


    1. Hi! Yes, we do permit food and drink in the library. We have a tiled floor and plenty of large trash cans–with the exception of one time frame this past spring in which we did revoke the privilege, it’s not been a major issue since we opened in 2006. Basically, the rule is that food and drink are fine as long as you are careful and as long as you clean up–I am all about keeping rules simple and positive!



    1. Thank you so much! The netbooks you see the students are using are part of a pilot program here. English teacher Lisa Kennedy and I wrote the proposal and our school and our district split the cost of providing these netbooks to this cohort group. Buffy


  2. As always thanks for sharing! You inspired me today to grab my phone and record my bustling LMC–middle school students preparing their technology smack down presentations, small groups conducting research, Kindy kids gathered in the story stairs area for a read aloud, and students at all grade levels popping in and out for check in and check out. Our LMC has become a learning and social commons.


  3. I have a question about students listening to music as they work. In the video tour of your learning space I see just a few students with headphones. Does your school allow students to listen to their iPods? What about pleasure listening thru the computer?


    1. Students can listen to music through their own device or the computer, but I actually prefer they use their own as streaming music via the computer kills the bandwidth on the network. As long as students are on task and the music is not blaring from their headphones, we have no problem with them using their iPods.


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