English teacher Drew Lawson shares his thoughts on the instructional value of LibGuides and eBooks in The Unquiet Library’s Gale Virtual Reference Library collection.   Hear Drew’s thoughts on how LibGuides provides a point of access that helps students expend more energy into critical thinking and synthesizing information from the resources on the research guide.  You can see the research guide for Drew’s current unit of study here.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Drew Lawson Shares the Importance of LibGuides and Gale Virtual Reference Library for Learning and Higher Level Thinking

  1. I don’t see how to watch or hear this, and I’d really like to. . . . What am I missing? Also, thank you so much for your fabulous blog. It’s better than library school! I really appreciate the time you take to share information with us.


    1. Hi Susan! Sometimes when that happens to me it’s because Flash needs to be updated; you might try that or perhaps viewing in a different browser? Let me know if either of those fixes work for you! I also appreciate your kind words of praise and encouragement–thank you so much. 🙂 Best, Buffy


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