A heartfelt thank you to the Florida State University SLIS community and the PALM Center for giving me the opportunity to visit, share, and learn with FSU SLID faculty, doctoral students, alum, and local school librarians this past week.    Spending time with such amazing people was truly an honor for me as well as a tremendous amount of fun!

Here are my slides from my presentation to the FSU SLIS community on April 7, 2012.   The video from today’s presentation will be posted to the PALM Center website soon, and I will provide an update once it is available for viewing.  You can also learn a little more about today’s talk here.

5 thoughts on “Presentation: “Libraries as Communally Constructed Sites of Participatory Culture—Composing Narratives of Participatory Literacy and Enchantment”

      1. Hi Cana!

        I think FSU is still processing that video and is planning on posting it to the FSU SLIS or Palm Center page. I will check with Dr. Everhart tonight and see how that video conversion is coming along! Thank you, and it was wonderful to meet you! 🙂 Buffy


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