Check out today’s video and images from today’s edition of Library on Wheels!  Learn more about this effort that Ms. Jan Reed, who is our new “part-time” librarian, has brought to Creekview from our sister high school Sequoyah High.   Not only can students check out books through Library on Wheels, but they can also return books, reserve books, and pay fines.  We’ve started with popular fiction and nonfiction, and we’ll be adding magazines to the menu at the end of the month!  We’re also excited to “trick out” the cart and add some mobile bling a little later this fall.  We have been thrilled with the positive response from our students!

Many thanks to Roxanne Johnson, my colleague who retired last December, whose gracious and generous presence as a volunteer enabled me to leave the library and tag along with Jan and capture these photos and videos today.

4 thoughts on “The Unquiet Library Is On The Move: Library On Wheels

  1. What a fabulous twist on the familiar library on wheels model that continues to reach library users through book mobiles–and a great reminder that innovations don’t always require huge amounts of money. Wish I had a library on wheels coming to my lunch table. When will you be expanding services to other states?


  2. I do a program here where a teacher says she doesn’t have time to come to the library, I take the library to her. I pull relevant titles and push them on a library cart to the classroom. They love it!\


  3. Absolutely love it! This comes at a perfect time when our libraries are being booked for the countless assessments! I will definitely try this during FCAT when the library is closed for two weeks due to testing & make ups!


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