A heartfelt thank you to The Thacher School Dean of Faculty Jeff Hooper and the wonderful participants of our workshop today on supporting students in independent research/capstone projects using strategies and models for inquiry. The first half of our workshop began with using the write around text on text strategy to help us explore and unpack our experiences, challenges, and successes with students and research projects.  We began by engaging in a write around these questions and data:



This was the first time using this strategy with adult learners, and I was so impressed with the depth of thought, questions, participation, and engagement by the faculty in the workshop—they rocked! Take a look at their collaborative work in the gallery below or for a larger view of the photos, browse here in my Flickr album:

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Small Group Debrief and Large Group Share
See our collaborative Google Doc for our questions/wonderings, big ideas, and new ideas/insights that grew out of our 25 minute write-around.  We engaged in small group discussion and focused on these three areas of reflection that we all eventually contributed to a Google Doc to pull together our experience prior to the second half of our workshop which was a short presentation on models and strategies for inquiry that related to our questions, wonderings, and areas of challenge.

Presentation Slides/PDF


Resources of Interest

One thought on “Framing and Developing an Inquiry Stance for Independent Research Projects

  1. Dear Ma’am,

    I am a regular follower of your website , infact have signed in for this blog. i am amazed with the amount of work that you do and believe me your strategies to work with teachers collaboratively have always inspired me.

    i really liked the workshop that you did for your teachers (FRAMING AND DEVELOPING AN INQUIRY STANCE FOR INDEPENDENT RESEARCH PROJECTS) and i am planning to take this similar workshop with my teachers. Though i have understand the entire process my only doubt is what happens after the Small Group Debrief and Large Group Share their parts… i mean what inputs do you add and how does this workshop end?

    i would really appreciate your response/comments on this?


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