IR Sticky 3

Every Wednesday is Independent Reading (IR) day here in our Language Arts classes here at NHS.  Today, Language Arts teacher Sarah Rust, one of our awesome collaborative partners, did this very simple yet interesting formative assessment with her students.   The instructions:

IR Post It Instructions Rust

Students selected a sticky note of a color of their choosing and then composed their responses.  As an extra touch to celebrate the concept of IR, Ms. Rust then took their responses and fashioned them into the letters “IR.”   While this idea seems simple on the surface, the student responses were revealing and showed a wide range of book selections as well as reactions to the IR experience.  These can be a springboard to future IR learning activities and learning experiences for book selection and peer sharing.

IR Sticky 2


IR Sticky 4


It’s another reason why sticky notes are my favorite “technology” as of late!  This approach is a great way to do a quick individual assessment of student learning or where they are with their current IR as well as make an artistic class statement that represents every student voice.

3 thoughts on “Simple Yet Powerful Formative Assessment of IR with Sarah Rust

  1. Sticky notes! I’ve been loving what Software Carpentry does
    in their intro-programming workshops (which now I do too) –
    students who have a question are asked to put a sticky note on
    their laptop. This is easy for TAs to see even from across the
    room, but also lets the students keep trying to solve problems/work
    together, since their hands aren’t in the air. I also used them to
    collect quick feedback at the end of day 1 of a 2-day workshop I
    taught recently – “write one thing that’s working for you about
    today and one thing that isn’t and stick your post-its on the table
    on the way out” – quick, anonymous, and let me make a few
    corrections for day 2.


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